level:deepsouth is a crowdsourced online anthology about growing up Generation X in the Deep South during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. The anthology is open to submissions of creative nonfiction and images, as well as to contributions for the lists.

*last updated December 21, 2022


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“The Clyde Frog Show” (1970s children’s show from Mississippi Authority for Educational Television)

Videos of The Swimming Pool Qs (including early performances)

1975 Arkansas visit Part 2 (home movie)

The John Buckley Collection (500+ photos, 1969 – 1976) in Florida Memory from the State Library and Archives of Florida

Anti-littering PSA from Tennessee (1976)

“ON THIS DAY: Larry Flynt shot in Lawrenceville in 1978” (news story)

1979 TV Commercials WWL-TV4 New Orleans Louisiana

Georgia Championship Wrestling, featuring Bob Backlund (December 22, 1979)

“WCFT-TV 33 News Tuscaloosa, Alabama – April, 1979” 

A Drive Thru Griffin, GA 1979 (home movie)

1979 Savannah, GA (home movie)

“My Alabama Log Cabin, 1979–80” (home movie)


The South Carolina State Fair on The Mr Knozit Show in October 1980

Get the Side Effects (with director’s commentary) (documentary, 1980)

Sometime in the 80s: Clearlake Baptist Church Graduation (home movie)

images from Blackfoot at Sandy Creek in Montgomery County, Alabama, 1981

Dayton, Tennessee Air Show, 1981 (home movie)

Hattiesburg, Mississippi Motocross, September 13, 1981

1981 Black Gold Festival in Hazard, Kentucky

“South Carolina Early 1980s” (home movie)

RAIDERS! (11-year-olds try to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark in Mississippi in 1982)

Intro to Georgia Championship Wrestling from 1982

“Mississippi Shooting in 1983” (home movie)

The Deborah Thomas Collection (2600+ photos of Tallahassee, 1983 – 1989) in Florida Memory from the State Library and Archives of Florida

North Alabama Ice Storm in Huntsville, February 1985 (photo with radio voiceover)

WAPT 6PM News (edited) 2-17-86 (Jackson, Mississippi)

Columbia, South Carolina – Memories of a City – 1986 Bicentennial Celebration

Athens, Ga. Inside/Out (documentary, 1987)

“A Day in the Life of Alabama” (News 10 special, 1987)

WLAE-TV – “John Paul II In New Orleans” Sept. 1987 (TV news special)

“School Board Protest” on the Louisiana Public Broadcasting show Folks, 1987

Ride Around Jackson, Tennessee on September 20, 1987 (home movie)

Lynyrd Skynyrd live in Birmingham, Alabama on October 20, 1987

AIDS in Atlanta (news report, 1987)

Old Goodbee Louisiana between 1987 – 1988

President Reagan’s Arrival in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 14, 1988

MerleFest ’88 (documentary)

Hurricane Hugo hits Charleston, SC Sept. 22, 1989

“A look back at Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina” on WLTX-TV, June 1, 2021

“Mississippi Burning…….1989” (Louis Farrakhan in Jackson, Mississippi, November 11, 1989)


Nirvana live at Masquerade in Atlanta (1990)

Atlanta by car 1991 (home movie)

Storm Orphans: “Wasted Union” and “Black Betty” (1991)

Miss North Carolina 1991 Pageant

1991 South Carolina (home movie)

Myrtle Beach Pavilion 1991: Ferris Wheel Incident 

Medical Detectives, Season 7, Episode 5: “The Alibi” (Crystal Todd case in Horry, SC in 1991)

21 Year Old Edwin McCain Talks about His Future, 1991

REM: Past Present and Future (documentary, 1992)

Beanland live at The Varsity (November 12, 1992)

“Archival images from Georgia’s 1993 blizzard” 

1993 Miss South Carolina Pageant

1993 Oxford, Mississippi Commercials

“Superchunk – ‘The First Part'” (from Conan O’Brien in 1994)

“Skateboarding Birmingham, Alabama (1995–2000)”

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (documentary about the West Memphis Three, 1996)

Lost in Mississippi (documentary about jailhouse suicides in Mississippi, 1996)

A look back at Nashville and Middle Tennessee in August 1997 in photos (The Tennesseean, August 21, 2022)

Waking in Mississippi (documentary, 1998)

“The Life and Death of Billy Jack Gaither: Assault on Gay America” from PBS’s Frontline 

2000s — present

MSU On-Air interview with Del Rendon and Dave Hood of Dark Horse Tavern (2001)

Widespread Panic: Panic in the Streets (DVD extra to live album, 2002)

Beanland: Rising from the Riverbed (documentary, 2004)

West of Memphis (documentary about the West Memphis Three, 2012)

“Photos: Life in Mississippi Delta in the 1980s and ’90s” on PBS NewsHour (February 7, 2015)

“Local concert promoter remembers Prince’s surprise Birmingham concert” (WTVM, April 2016)

The South in Color: A Visual Journal by William Ferris (UNC Press, 2016)

“Charleston, SC – 1960’s – 1980’s – Photo Gallery (Remember the Times)” from Charleston Daily, June 28, 2016

Pylon Reenaactment Society on PBS’s Subcarrier (Season 2, Episode 7, December 2017)

“Teenage Kentucky Vampires” on Real Stories (2018 documentary about a 1996 murder)

What Haunts Us (document about Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, 2018)

“Historical Photos from Memphis and the Mid-South in the 1970s” in The Commercial Appeal, January 10, 2019

“Vintage photos show what Alabamians were up to in the Eighties,” on, February 19, 2020

“Document Gravel Springs, Mississippi, in the 1970s” exhibit (February 25, 2019 – March 13, 2020)

The Jupiter Coyote Story, posted by WRTC-FM on January 6, 2021

“Looking back on Dukes of Hazzard cast visit to Hazard, Kentucky for the Black Gold Festival 40 years later” on WYMT, (September 16, 2021)

“Nashville, Tennessee in October 1981, 40 Years Ago” on (October 13, 2021)

honorary non-Southern inclusion: Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)