Book Review: “Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia” by Gordon Lamb

Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia by Gordon Lamb(University of Georgia Press, 2018) Reviewed by Foster Dickson Though I had seen the band play live earlier in the ’90s, it was really their 1994 album Ain’t Life Grand that brought Widespread Panic fully into my consciousness. I was twenty years old and midwayContinue reading “Book Review: “Widespread Panic in the Streets of Athens, Georgia” by Gordon Lamb”

Remy Zero’s “Villa Elaine” (1998)

by Charles Reed The opening lines, from the second track “Prophecy” begin, “Consider this a sign. This is a train in the night. And now it’s time for you to go. You know you’ve had a healthy life, boy.” What a start. The velocity in that lyric is incredible. I was hooked. My best friendContinue reading “Remy Zero’s “Villa Elaine” (1998)”

R.E.M. at the Mall

by Peter Stavros It was 1984, and I was a college freshman in Durham, North Carolina, living away from home for the first time. Early in the fall semester, I was still trying to find my place among students who seemed to have all gotten perfect SAT scores and spent the summer taking prep coursesContinue reading “R.E.M. at the Mall”