Seeking submissions of… (festivals)

The editor is seeking submissions of writing and/or images on Southern music and cultural festivals, especially works about attending one of Deep Southern shows from Lollapalooza in the early ’90s or Lillith Fair in the late ’90s. Other large regional festivals would include: City Stages in Birmingham, Alabama June Jam in Fort Payne, AlabamaGeorgia Music FestivalContinue reading “Seeking submissions of… (festivals)”

Another Deep Southern Gen X sampler, from “the lists”

The section in level:deepsouth called “the lists” is for collecting and sharing articles, sound files, videos, and images from Generation X’s early years in the Deep South and from today. Below is a sampler. Bear: The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama’s Coach Bryant by Paul “Bear” Bryant  with John Underwood (1975) Bear BryantContinue reading “Another Deep Southern Gen X sampler, from “the lists””

Seeking submissions of… (music)

The editor of level:deepsouth is seeking submissions on the following subjects, or on similar subjects: Hattiesburg, Mississippi band Buffalo NickelStarkville, Mississippi-based musician Del RendonOxford, Mississippi-based band Beanlandthe song “Drowning” by Hootie & the Blowfishthe song “Take Down the Rebel Flag” by Buffalo Nickelthe Mississippi music venue Musiquarium the Spartanburg, South Carolina music venue Dawg Gone South Carolina-based bandsContinue reading “Seeking submissions of… (music)”