An early springtime Deep Southern Gen X sampler, from “the lists”

The section in level:deepsouth called “the lists” is for collecting and sharing articles, sound files, videos, and images from Generation X’s early years in the Deep South and from today. Below is a sampler.

A History of the Swimming Pool Qs 

The band, which was formed in 1978, was on the forefront of New Wave in the Deep South. The Qs opened for The Police and were praised by The Village Voice and MTV’s Kurt Loder.

“Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by The Georgia Satellites, from their self-titled 1986 album

This was the band’s only major hit, though a few other songs did break the Top 100 in the late ’80s. This one went all the way to #2 on the charts in 1987. 

What Haunts Us (documentary, 2018)

This latter-day documentary explores the suicides of six members of the Porter-Gaud School’s class of 1979. The film makes connections among the suicides, the elite school in Charleston, South Carolina,  and one charismatic faculty member who had been sexually abusing students. 

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