Got books?

level:deepsouth also publishes reviews of books that pertain to the anthology’s focus of Generation X in the Deep South in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. The first two book reviews have been posted – Palmer Smith’s review of Sally Mann’s Hold Still and Charles Reed writing on Hilde Lovern Stephens’ Family Matters – and two more areContinue reading “Got books?”

A reading list from “level:deepsouth” in-progress

Since the first works were published in July, level:deepsouth has covered some territory but is still a long way from telling the whole of this complex story. Works have been published from six states, with two book reviews (and two more on the way), and I’m looking forward to hearing from more Generation-X writers. Below is aContinue reading “A reading list from “level:deepsouth” in-progress”

“Say hi to your new mom!”— Divorce, the ’80s, and Generation X

One of the most marked characteristics of Generation X is having been children during the peak of divorce rates in the 1980s. To illustrate the trend, a March 1995 report from the CDC, with the ominous title “Advance Report of Final Divorce Statistics, 1989 and 1990,”  contains the following graph. (The blue and green annotationsContinue reading ““Say hi to your new mom!”— Divorce, the ’80s, and Generation X”