Generation X Deep South

Seeking submissions of… (music)

level:deepsouth is open to contributions about the music that GenXers in the Deep South were listening to and the bands we were seeing live, and there are two different ways to contribute.

First, if the band and/or album came out of the Deep South in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s and all you really want to do is send that info, you can submit it for the lists. This offer is open to anyone who knows of a band or album that should be included.

Second, if the music didn’t come from the Deep South in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s but you want to write about it, you could write something about a band, album, or song and why it was meaningful to you growing up as a GenXer in the Deep South. The watch & listen┬ásection of level:deepsouth is also open to works about favorite record stores, mail-order music clubs, experiences in the school band, personal music collections . . .

The editor of level:deepsouth is particularly interested in submissions on the following subjects, or on similar subjects:

Hattiesburg, Mississippi band Buffalo Nickel

Starkville, Mississippi-based musician Del Rendon

Oxford, Mississippi-based band Beanland

Atlanta, Georgia-based band Drivin’ N Cryin’

the band Hairy Buzzard Gizzards

South Carolina-based bands Crazy Ethel, Two Pound Planet, Homeboy Madhouse

the North Carolina-based band Jupiter Coyote

the song “Drowning” by Hootie & the Blowfish

the song “Take Down the Rebel Flag” by Buffalo Nickel

the Mississippi music venue Musiquarium

the Spartanburg, South Carolina music venue Dawg Gone

Greenville, South Carolina studio Cafe Pleasurematic

If you have a firsthand story to tell or photos to share, check out the submission guidelines for how to go about sending them in.