level:deepsouth is a crowdsourced online anthology about growing up Generation X in the Deep South during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. The anthology is open to submissions of creative nonfiction and images, as well as to contributions for the lists.

If you have questions about whether your work or subject matter falls within the parameters of the project, read the editor’s inaugural blog post from March 2020: “Definitions, Numbers, an Exodus, and the Stories.”

submissions of creative nonfiction

Works should share descriptions and stories from a particular time and place, whether the work employs a traditional or experimental style, and should show the humanity in that time and place. To do that, writers should use details, like names of places and at least first names of people, and be as vivid as possible.

long form is for contemplative and narrative nonfiction works from 1,000 to 7,500 words, or for longer interviews. These works should offer a complex and nuanced explanation or story, rather than simply rambling out a succession of episodes.

golden days is for shorter works of nonfiction up to 1,000 words, or for brief interviews. These works should capture a moment in time or provide a sketch of a single person, place, or experience. 

road trips is for works of nonfiction about that very thing.

watch & listen is for reminiscing about an album, song, movie, TV show, concert, record store, movie theater, or video rental place, and telling why it was meaningful to the writer as a Generation-Xer in the Deep South.

in print is for reminiscing about a book, magazine, ‘zine, bookstore, library, or family bookshelf, and telling why it was meaningful to the writer as a Generation-Xer in the Deep South.

submissions of reviews

The editor is also seeking reviews of books, albums, or movies whose subject matter focuses on or includes the Deep South in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. Use the contact form on the about page to query the editor before sending the review.

For those seeking to have a book, album, or movie reviewed, use the contact form on the about page to query the editor. If the work is right for the project, you will be asked to provide a complimentary copy for the reviewer.

more info

If you are not familiar with the term “creative nonfiction,” editor Lee Gutkind describes it as “true stories well told” or “factually accurate prose about real people and events.” You can learn more by clicking here and reading a full description.

For all submissions, use the contact form on the about page to query the editor before submitting. Please include information about 1.) the submission’s subject matter, 2.) its relevance to the project, 3.) its length in words, and 4.) whether there are images available to accompany the text. 

Submissions are read and considered year-round, so there are no deadlines. All submissions will receive a response, usually within 2-4 weeks.

Previously published works are OK to submit, as long as the author has the rights to grant. If the work has already been published, please share that fact in your initial query.

The editor has tremendous respect for academic nonfiction and the people who write it, but this project is not the right place for it. If you have or know about an academic article about Generation X in the Deep South, submit a link to it for the lists.

Regarding rights and permissions, authors of accepted works will be asked to sign a general publishing agreement, giving permission to publish the work on the site. The author will retain all rights to the work, with the understanding that, if the work were to be published elsewhere later, its inclusion in level:deepsouth should be acknowledged.

Right now, the anthology is a crowdsourced project funded by the editor himself, so no payment can be offered to contributors. However, if the project achieves sufficient funding to do that, all contributors will be factored into the equation.  

To submit images, use the contact form on the about page to query the editor first.

To submit items for the lists, use the contact form on the about page to send the information and a link to the item.  

*level:deepsouth was once open to submissions of fiction and poetry, but is not any longer.