Seeking submissions of… (images)

Not everybody wants to sit down and write something. But that shouldn’t stop you from contributing to level:deepsouth, if you want to. The images section is for sharing digitized versions of old photos, flyers from shows, ‘zine covers, artwork . . . One important part of this project is publishing stories about the 1970s, ’80s,Continue reading “Seeking submissions of… (images)”

The Lower End of the Highest Rates

Sometimes I try to do thingsand they just don’t work out the way I want ’em to . . .— from “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies In the era when Generation X was coming of age, suicide was a growing problem but was seldom discussed openly, honestly, or rationally. Then, as we came of age in the 1980s,Continue reading “The Lower End of the Highest Rates”

Seeking submissions of… (music)

The editor of level:deepsouth is seeking submissions on the following subjects, or on similar subjects: Hattiesburg, Mississippi band Buffalo NickelStarkville, Mississippi-based musician Del RendonOxford, Mississippi-based band Beanlandthe song “Drowning” by Hootie & the Blowfishthe song “Take Down the Rebel Flag” by Buffalo Nickelthe Mississippi music venue Musiquarium the Spartanburg, South Carolina music venue Dawg Gone South Carolina-based bandsContinue reading “Seeking submissions of… (music)”