Revved Up Like a What?: Thank You to the STJ Class of 1992

by Vallie Lynn Watson My favorite music was produced between the years 1968 and 1986, the latter year mostly due to the usual early-teen nostalgia about pop radio. I was born in 1973 to parents in their late thirties; my brother and sister were born in the 1950s. We lived all over the US and the world, untilContinue reading “Revved Up Like a What?: Thank You to the STJ Class of 1992”

That Vibrant Community

by Foster Dickson In the summer of 1974, I came home from Baptist Hospital to a small, brick, ranch-style house in Normandale, on the corner of Princeton Road and Byrne Drive, which my father inherited after his mother passed away in 1971. This meant that my older brother and I were raised in the houseContinue reading “That Vibrant Community”

The Baby Blue Bomber

by Adam Powell She was born in 1975, only seven years before me, but she seemed so much wiser, so much more experienced beneath the clumsy and awkward hands of a sixteen-year-old boy convinced he could teach her the ways of contemporary love, though he scarcely knew them himself, and possibly show her things sheContinue reading “The Baby Blue Bomber”