At the Epitome

by William Nesbitt It was one of those times when it seems almost everyone around me was upset with me in some way.  You know the vibe; everybody stressed out with lips puckered up like an old lady’s asshole.  I was halfway through college and broke.  Mike came one night to get me from theContinue reading “At the Epitome”


by William Nesbitt I push against the dull, silver-steel door and walk straight to the register in a late-night convenience store in Valdosta, Georgia somewhere in 1997/’98/’99.  I know exactly what I want. “Pack of Djarum Splashes.”  “$4.25.” I light a clove.  Its fragrance fills the air with the erotic smell of someplace else, distant,Continue reading “Cloves”

That Was Lana

by William Nesbitt So Lana was born in the year of the red dragon, and I was born in the year of the green tiger.  The ancient texts say that whenever the dragon and the tiger meet, there is sure to be conflict.  I knew her in high school in Thomasville, Georgia in the earlyContinue reading “That Was Lana”