Remy Zero’s “Villa Elaine” (1998)

by Charles Reed The opening lines, from the second track “Prophecy” begin, “Consider this a sign. This is a train in the night. And now it’s time for you to go. You know you’ve had a healthy life, boy.” What a start. The velocity in that lyric is incredible. I was hooked. My best friendContinue reading “Remy Zero’s “Villa Elaine” (1998)”

Book Review: “Family Matters” by Hilde Løvdal Stephens

Family Matters: James Dobson and Focus on the Family’s Crusade for the Christian Home by Hilde Løvdal Stephens(University Alabama Press, First Edition 2019) Reviewed by Charles Reed I had not thought about the phrase “focus on the family” in years. I’m now approaching 40, and as a 12 or 13-year-old, I remember listening to theContinue reading “Book Review: “Family Matters” by Hilde Løvdal Stephens”