level:deepsouth is not
free to produce.

what are the options for throwing in some dollars?

Any dollar amount is appreciated. You could send a few bucks, and be done, and look at anything on level:deepsouth knowing that you helped out. Or you could put some weight behind it with a larger amount.

why should you even consider this?

the website

Even when websites are free to look at, they aren’t necessarily free to produce and put online. The domain and hosting for level:deepsouth cost money. If you’re looking at the site and appreciate what’s here, be a part of keeping it going.

no ads

You might notice, when you look around level:deepsouth, that the site isn’t cluttered up by ads. That’s because the editor wants people to be able to see what they came to see without waiting on pop-ups to load.

no subscription fees

The editor knows that some people find one thing they want to read on a website and don’t want a year-long, or even month-long subscription just to read one thing. Subscription fees also make it harder for contributing writers to share their work with interested audiences. So level:deepsouth doesn’t require a subscription.

no institutional support

While commercial publishing operations, even ones on the web, are typically kept going by ads and subscription fees, other publishing operations are supported by institutions, like universities. Others receive support in the form of grants from foundations or governmental orgs like the NEA or NEH. level:deepsouth currently has none of those affiliations.


To be clear, no dollar amount will influence the editor’s decisions about what to publish. Money and submissions will remain separate.

what will the editor do with it?

once again, the website

The editor will first pay the domain and hosting for level:deepsouth.

promoting the project

Some of you who visit the site may have become aware of it through an ad or from a listing on a writers’ website. Those placements aren’t free either. But they are necessary to remain viable. Once the hosting fees are taken care of, promotional ads will be purchased.

paying contributors

The work done by editors and writers is valuable to our culture. Because the editor is funding level:deepsouth himself so far, contributors to the project are not being paid currently. But if money were there to expand and improve the project, one order of business would be to pay contributing writers. If you’re reading the works on the site and appreciate what’s here, be a part of compensating the writers.