Seeking submissions of… (festivals)

The editor is seeking submissions of writing and/or images on Southern music and cultural festivals, especially works about attending one of Deep Southern shows from Lollapalooza in the early ’90s or Lillith Fair in the late ’90s. Other large regional festivals would include:

City Stages in Birmingham, Alabama 
June Jam in Fort Payne, Alabama
Georgia Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia
Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

Some of these listed above went on after the year 2000, and some continue today, but for level:deepsouth, submissions should be about experiences from the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. Smaller local festivals would include:

Possum Trot Festival in Pinewood, South Carolina
Forked Deer Festival in Jackson, Tennessee
Natchez Trace Festival in Kosciusko, Mississippi

If you have a firsthand story to tell or photos to share, check out the submission guidelines for how to go about sending them in.



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