A Deep Southern Gen X sampler, from “the lists”

The section in level:deepsouth called “the lists” is for collecting and sharing articles, sound files, videos, and images from Generation X’s early years in the Deep South and from today. Below is a sampler.

“The murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry” in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas

In August 1987, the suspicious deaths of two teenage boys who had gone hunting in rural Arkansas was featured in an episode of NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries. 

“The Devil Went Down to ‘Bama” in Spin

In 1993, the Montgomery, Alabama public-access show “Channel Zero,” which featured alternative music, was taken off the air for allegedly promoting satanism.

Blood in the Soil: A True Tale of Racism, Sex, and Murder in the South by Carole Townsend (2016)

This 2016 true-crime book looks back at the 1978 shooting of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in Georgia.

Get the Side Effects (with director’s commentary)

This short 1980 documentary, posted on YouTube with the director’s latter-day comments, takes a DIY look at the Athens, Georgia band The Side Effects.

To contribute to the lists, use the contact form on the about page.

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