A reading list from “level:deepsouth” in-progress

Since the first works were published in July, level:deepsouth has covered some territory but is still a long way from telling the whole of this complex story. Works have been published from six states, with two book reviews (and two more on the way), and I’m looking forward to hearing from more Generation-X writers. Below is a list of available readings, organized by state. And the call for submissions remains wide open! 


“Dinner on the Grounds” by Luisa Kay Reyes 

“The Baby Blue Bomber” by Adam Powell 

“Revved Up like a What?” by Vallie Lynn Watson 

“That Vibrant Community” by Foster Dickson 

“1980s Montgomery: Remembered and Now Considered” by Adrienne Gaines


“Southern Christian Soccer-Punk and Other Unicorns” by Ben Beard

“Remy Zero’s Villa Elaine (1998)” by Charles Reed


“That was Lana” by William Nesbitt

“Cloves” by William Nesbitt 


“Camp Earl Wallace” by Elena Vale Wahl 

“A Summer, A Fall” by Wes Blake 

North Carolina

“R.E.M at the Mall” by Peter Stavros


“Bitter Melon Soup” by Rob Linné 

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