road trips— for the tame travels and messy adventures of Generation X

The road trips section of level:deepsouth is for recollections and ruminations on enduring/enjoying family vacations, heading out of town with friends, going on tour with the band, or whatever reason we had for piling in the car and leaving home for a while. In an era before backseat DVD players or GPS mapping, when “turn on the air” often meant rolling down the windows, road trips were about  breaking the monotony of the same-old same-old. Whether it was the annual trip to Grandma’s or a weekend jaunt to catch a concert, whether it was with your folks, your college buddies, or some friend of a friend who was bumming a ride, road trips could be trials-by-fire or unforgettable bonding experiences for Gen-Xers. And while it’s important to write about what happened in our everyday lives, it’s also important to give some of our attention to the unreliable cars, shady gas stations, nasty rest stops, newfound friends, unexpected sights, and cops behind billboards that came to us along the two-lane blacktops and four-lane highways.

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